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The DOWC® Difference

The DOWC® Difference is at the heart of all we do! It’s present in the most basic elements of our distinct re-insurable dealer owned program and immediately apparent in our customizable products and advanced technology.  

Every dealership sells F&I products, but not every dealer takes ownership. That’s where DOWC® comes in. We empower our dealer partners to own their own products, participate in the underwriting profits, and customize and mitigate risk to their advantage.

Do you currently reinsure, participate in all products, and make use of the most advanced technology? How healthy is your F&I department? Find out here!
What’s your revenue potential? Find out how DOWC® can make a difference in your bottom line here!

Do you currently reinsure, participate in all products, and make use of the most advanced technology?

How healthy is your F&I department?

What We Believe

Control and cash flow are the keys to success. You should have control over all of the purchase and protection products you offer as well as your reinsurance companies.

What We Do

We create custom, wealth-building purchase and protection products and assist dealers in establishing stand-alone warranty companies and reinsurance companies, often without the requirement of a custodial trust.

How We Do It

Experienced training and claims staff, in-house compliance and analytics teams, and continuous development of our technology ensures you are able to easily customize and deploy contracts and dealer-support solutions on the front end, and maintain loss mitigation controls on the back end.


With DOWC®, dealers are often in control of their cash and investments from day one. Through the use of various reinsurance platforms, dealers are able to participate in the underwriting profits and investment income generated by the sale of F&I products, often times without a trustee. Dealers may have access to both earned and unearned premium. The DOWC® Difference gives you the opportunity to stop writing checks to corporate administrators and their insurance companies, and start writing deposit slips to your own accounts. Learn more about the DOWC® Difference and reinsurance


With the DOWC® Difference, there is no “cookie cutter” coverage, nor predetermined levels of coverage. Every F&I product is customizable including deductibles, surcharges, and coverage levels. We also offer a dealer tie-back for service and repairs. Learn more about the DOWC® products.


At DOWC®, our state-of-the-art technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our systems deploy the most recent administration technology, advanced selling platforms, and robust reporting tools. The Dealer Owned™ Software System is our high-performance suite of applications designed to optimize productivity and success. We provide dealers with the tools they need to succeed. Learn more about the DOWC® technology.

What’s your revenue potential?

How can DOWC® make a difference in your bottom line?