Dealer Owned Warranty Company offers dealers an array of products and services born of the perfect fusion of practicality and compliance. The technology-centered company has proven itself to be a true and unique contender in the F&I world by safeguarding and augmenting their dealers’ wealth through a comprehensive understanding of each dealer’s business needs and the regulatory landscape.

At DOWC, sales, operations, and legal counsel work hand in hand with each and every dealer to develop the most beneficial program from financial, operational, and compliance perspectives. While most big box administrators offer “one size fits all” type programs, DOWC cites to customization and agility as the foundational pillars of its dealers’ success.  The company offers a number of program structures, participation options, and product types shaped by each dealer’s desires and needs, customer base, and location, as well as various other factors.

The practical business advantages of DOWC’s offerings are unparalleled. The company fully supports traditional structures such as reinsurance, CFCs, and NCFCs, and its industry experts consider the nuances of each structure in determining the most appropriate and advantageous programs available.  In fact, DOWC boasts one of the few (if not the only) true non-custodial trust structures in the industry, allowing dealers to control and access to their money when they need it – or simply because they want it – with a myriad of investment options. DOWC also presents dealers with the opportunity to engage in straight DO (dealer obligor) programs and form dealer owned warranty companies. These structures maximize traditional program benefits, but with much more control and much less expense. Additional participation in the form of profit sharing and earnings advances clearly demonstrate that DOWC has its dealers’ best interests in mind.

This truth is underscored by the company’s individualized compliance review of state specific opportunities for each dealer. The company uses state-specific contract terms that may permit flexible cancellation options, the deduction of claims from refunds, and the implementation of lower per occurrence and aggregate limits of liability. These terms help mitigate the risk dealers take when serving as the obligor of certain F&I products. Where permitted, forms may also include tie back language that contractually requires consumers to return to the selling dealer in order to drive business to the service lane.

These are only a few of the many benefits dealers receive as a result of the careful balance of business needs and legal best practices by DOWC. State of the art technology and unrivaled customer service round out the top reasons to do business with this rapidly growing provider and administrator.

DOWC’s core philosophy is that dealers should have the freedom to make their own decisions regarding the products they provide and participate in, and how they invest their money. Each and every decision the DOWC team makes is shaped by one objective, to enhance dealers’ wealth. No other provider or administrator does this with more sincerity or ingenuity.

In all aspects of its business, DOWC demonstrates that it understands the complexities and challenges of the automotive business that dealers face. Its vision for the future is aligned with their dealers’ as they exist to support their dealers’ operational and financial growth. When a dealer partners with DOWC, they aren’t just signing up to sell products. DOWC dealers enjoy a wealth-building, lifestyle-altering, game changer of a philosophy that says dealers deserve to own and benefit from their F&I products. This is clearly what sets DOWC apart and, noticeably, miles ahead of the competition.

DOWC pairs its legal team’s automotive and business law experience with the substantial industry knowledge of its sales and operations teams. The company has helped hundreds of dealers develop customized F&I programs that expand their wealth while satisfying statutory requirements. Contact DOWC today for more information.