Administration System

How Much Money are You Leaving on the Table?

Providing the utilities you need

Our administration system sets Dealers up for success. We minimize the time they spend in front of a computer so they can maximize the time they spend creating satisfying experiences for customers. The Dealer Owned Administration system keeps records perfectly maintained and available on demand, allows for easy claims adjustments, and generates detailed, customized reports.

Digital Rating Engine

The rates for all products are calculated electronically. Dealers can decide which rate card they prefer, how aggressive or conservative they want their rates to be, and our system will do the rest. The rating engine allows for minimum and maximum thresholds to ensure F & I Managers are staying within the confines the Dealer sets. Our rating engine integrates with most menu providers and DMS systems.

Contract Archive

All contracts sold within the system are warehoused indefinitely. Users can recall sold contracts, view PDF’s, void, and edit or generate cancellation quotes. Dealers with multiple rooftops will have access to all Dealership locations contract sales in one place. This component reduces time in the service drive by quickly accessing contracts sold, level of coverage, and applicable deductable so service writers can begin the claims process. Accounting departments love this feature because it organizes all sold contract details in one place for easy viewing.

Claims Administration

Our claims portal was designed to quickly assess and adjudicate valid customer claims. Within the details section of each contract, a service writer can quickly see the level of coverage, time and mileage expiration, as well as any specific terms and conditions to determine if coverage is valid. Many of these processes are automated and require no contact with the administrator to gain authorization.

Digital Remittance

The days of filling out remittance forms or keying in sold contracts are over. As contracts are sold within the system, they are cued up and sorted, waiting for accounting validation. Office staff can review the contracts sold and with a single click of the mouse, remit and activate all valid contracts sold for the prior month. Office staff can also quickly uncheck any product that has unwound from the prior month and easily remove it from the final remit.


Dealers and their staff have virtually unlimited access to reporting and the capabilities are endless.

Items typically reported on include:

  • Contracts Sold by Type
  • Contracts Sold by Date
  • Retail vs. F & I Cost
  • Total Reserves Collected by Period
  • Claims by Contract
  • Claims by Date Range
  • Loss Ratios and Profitability Reporting