How Much Money are You Leaving on the Table?

Following state laws & regulations

Limited Warranty

Most states require the inclusion of an expressed warranty with the sale of a used vehicle, though many states differ regarding coverage and length of time. At Dealer Owned Warranty Company™, we identify state-mandated regulations and build them into the coverage.

Private Label Certified Warranty

An expressed private label certified warranty extends further than the state requires. The inclusion of additional value added components proves to customers that a Dealer stands behind their product.

Items often included are:

  • Breakdown Coverage
  • Roadside Assistance
  • 100-Point Inspection
  • Return Policy

The Dealer Owned Difference


Fully customizable terms and coverage

Dealer works within state laws

Private label branding

Dealer owns and controls reserves

Dealer fully owns products

Brand marketing initiative

Private label certified programs available

The Other Guys

Usually not customizable

Doesn’t understand compliance laws

Branding is generic

Most administrators keep reserves

Most administrators own ancillary product reserves

Administrators lack dealer marketing

Typically do not offer certified programs